Tekni Motion Liquid

Tekni Motion Liquid is our service dedicated to molecular mixology. We create cocktails using the equipment and techniques of the molecular gastronomy such as:

  • Spherification – TRANSFORMING LIQUID INTO MEMBRANE-COVERED SPHERES: Spherification is a spectacular cooking technique that enables the conception of recipes that no one has ever imagined before. It consists of the controlled gelification of a liquid, and subsequent formation of spheres through a secondary bathing process.


  • BASIC SPHERIFICATION: This consists of saturating a cocktail mix with ALGIN. The resulting gel is then submerged in a bath of CALCIC. Basic spherification is the technique used to produce caviar like globules.

  • REVERSE SPHERIFICATION: This consists of saturating a cocktail mix with GLUCO. The resulting gel is then submerged in a bath of ALGIN. This technique can generate spheres of every size to satisfy your imagination.

  • Gelification: This technique allows you to create anything from gelatin
spaghetti & ravioli to any form of thin membrane that are
all infused with various flavors to suit your every taste.
Gelatins are one of the most characteristic preparations in traditional cuisine, and they have undergone great evolution in modern cuisine. Until a few years ago, they were essentially made with sheets of gelatin. The products used by Urban Bar are an evolution of this basic recipe. They are derived from algae and have particular properties of elasticity and firmness that give each creation its own identity. Urban Bar has mastered the method and is able to create gels that are soft or firm, rigid or elastic to please your every desire.

  • Emulsification – CREATING TEXTURES FROM FOOD AND FLAVOURS, SUCH AS FOAM AND CLOUDS: Emulsification is a technique which allows you to create light textures from food, such as foam or clouds to make your cocktails as light as air. This is a perfect way of bringing an elegant touch to your creations. Remember that your cocktails are like beautiful women: they should smell good, taste good and you should never forget to dress them with the right apparel.